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HR & Admin (Site) (HR & Admin)

  • Manage HR administration tasks such as Payroll Processing, Benefits Administration & Attendance Tracking.
  • Maintain Employee records (Preparation of Wage Sheet, Bank Payments, PF/ESIC compliance & issuing of IR Clearance, PF, Bonus, ESIC Calculations) according to client policy and requirements.
  • Maintaining A,B,C, & D registers at site.
  • Review Employment & Working conditions to ensure legal compliance.

Sr. Electrical Engineer (Electrical, Instrumentation & Automation)

  • Area Classification Knowledge:
    • Shall have the knowledge of area classification to ensure safety and compliance with regulations.
  • Project Management:
    • Able to handle a minimum of 3 or more projects simultaneously, overseeing engineering works from conception to completion.
  • Project Documentation:
    • Prepare and maintain project documentation meticulously, including reports, drawings, and specifications, ensuring accuracy and completeness.
  • Electrical System Design:
    • Create electrical system designs, including schematics, layouts, and specifications, ensuring they meet project requirements and industry standards.
  • Collaboration with Teams:
    • Collaborate with multidisciplinary teams, such as mechanical engineers, architects, and contractors, to seamlessly integrate electrical systems into larger projects.
  • Equipment Selection and Review:
    • Carry out studies and calculations for the selection of Electrical equipment such as UPS, Transformers (Power, Distribution & Isolation), and DC systems.
    • Review vendor documents, including data sheets, GA (General Arrangement) drawings, schematics, and power flow for HT & LT panels.
  • Control Wiring Knowledge:
    • Possess good knowledge of control wiring for MMC, PMCC, VFD drives, and HT panels.
  • Stay Updated on Codes and Standards:
    • Stay current with electrical codes, standards, and regulations, ensuring all designs and installations meet the necessary requirements
  • Communication Skills:
    • Have excellent communication skills to coordinate effectively with vendors and clients.
  • Instrumentation Knowledge (beneficial):
    • Knowledge of instrumentation, such as the ability to read P&IDs & Hook-ups.
    • Review instruments data sheets and select instruments according to area classification requirements.

Assistant Purchase Executive (Procurement & Logistics)

  • Preparing Purchase Orders
  • Updating Purchase Tracker
  • Disptach Activities for all projects i.e. Releasing MDCC to verndors, coordinating between Logistics Department & Vendors. 
  • Following Up on expediting and tracking progress on critical items. 

Lab Chemist (Operations & Maintenance)

  • Sample Wastewater (in smaller ETP, if not done by ETP Operator)
  • Preserve Water or Wastewater sample.
  • Prepare Laboratory Chemicals & use of Laboratory Instruments.
  • Apply Standard Analytical Procedures for testing various environmental parametrs such as pH, SS, BOD, COD, TDS etc.
  • Test Quality of Treatment Chemicals used in ETP.
  • Maintain ETP Quality Monitoring Register and compile performance analysis to ETP Manager

Water Analyst (Operations & Maintenance)

  • Assist Researchers in conducting experiments, analysing results and preparing reports.
  • Responsible for equipment installation, maintenance and troubleshooting.

Plant In-Charge (Operations & Maintenance)

Shall be overall responsible for:

  1. Day to Day operations of Effluent Recycle Plant comprising of, Pumping Stations (3 Nos) , Pretreatment system ( filtration ) , UF & RO with PLC and SCADA.
  2. Allocation of various level staff comprising, operators, Lab Analysts, Supervisors, Technicians, Helpers etc. in 3 Shifts
  3. All Documentation Reporting   and coordination with client/ Owner
  4. Compliance at site.

Assistant Purchase Manager (Procurement & Logistics)

  • To float enquiries to approved/ recommended vendors in defined format with complete documents/specifications/QAP etc.
  • To follow-up for timely techno-commercial offers
  • To make Technical/Comparative Document and get it reviewed from Projects Department.
  • To make Commercial Comparative statement & reviews.
  • Release of LOI/PO
  • To make requisition for payment of vendors
  • In case of ABG/other security to forward the original to Accounts Dept.
  • To follow-up for Engineering Drawing/Documents from vendors
  • To forward the received documents from vendor to projects and to facilitate across table/virtual meetings to expedite acceptance for further submission by Project Engineer Dept.
  • To make PO/WO amendment
  • To issue Manufacturing Clearance to vendor
  • To get Progressive Status Report from vendors and co-ordinate for formal / routine inspection
  • To intimate Projects Team for readiness of purchased items and to ask vendor to raise Inspection call to company.
  • To intimate vendor about date of Inspection and co-ordinate with QC department/Project Dept. keeping logistics in loop.
  • On clearance by Project Dept. for Dispatch, Logistics to be intimated for dispatch and payment requisition to be made and get it done through finance/ Accounts as per Protocol
  • Incase LC ensure vendor provides all documents.

Shift In-charge/ Supervisor (Operations & Maintenance)

  • Performs preventeive, predictive and repair maintenenace work tasks on plant equipment. 
  • Responsible for the safe, proper & efficient operation of all machinery and related equipment.
  • Diagnose equipment problems, report abnormal conditions to management and prepare detailed work requests for plant defects.

Fitter (Operations & Maintenance)

  • Assemble and Install Mechanical Systems & Equipment.
  • Perform Maintenance & Repair work on Mechanical Systems & Equipment.
  • Read and interpret Technical Drawings & Schematics.
  • Use hand & power tools to cut, shape and fit materials. 

Mechanical Maintenance SW (Operations & Maintenance)

  • Carry out Routine checks of Mechanical readings.
  • Diagnosing health of equipment and motors with the aim of taking these on for preventive maintenance, assigning causes and reasons for faults and ultimate failure, quickly carrying out minor reparis/ replacements by reaching, removing, stripping/ opening, repairing, assembling of routine mechanical machines/ equipment including piping and valves. 

Electrical Maintenance SW (Operations & Maintenance)

  • Carry out Routine checks of Mechanical readings.
  • Diagnosing health of equipment and motors with the aim of taking these on for preventive maintenance, assigning causes and reasons for faults and ultimate failure, quickly carrying out minor reparis/ replacements by reaching, removing, stripping/ opening, repairing, assembling of routine mechanical machines/ equipment including piping and valves. 

Operator (Operations & Maintenance)

  • Operate ETP Units as per directions of ETP Manager.
  • Adjust Operations & take corrective action in absence of ETP In-Charge.
  • Handle Basic (Preventive) Maintenance and Service important units like Chemical Mixing, Dosing, Sampling, Sludge Evacuation (eg. oiling & greasing).
  • Assist Electrical/ Mechanigcal maintenance technician(s) in carrying out preventive and breakdown maintenance of tasks.
  • Hands-on Experience in operation and maintenance of ETP.
  • Operating and Maintaing Screens, Grit Removal Devices, Pumps, Aerators, Valves, etc. in directing the effluent and settled sludge to various units for after treatment.
  • Be able to sense troubles and act as ears and eyes of the Plant Manager.

Instrumentation Engineer (Electrical & Instrumentation)

  • Responsible to prepare all instrumentation and engineering deliverables such as design basis, specification, data sheets, instrument index, 1/0 schedule, logic diagram, cable / JB schedule, Instrument Datasheets, Index and 1/0 list, Loop drawing and Loop list.
  • Review P & ID and prepare Instrument data sheets such as Control valve, On-Off Valves & other field instruments Verify the calculations for the orifice plate bore, Control Valve CV,
  • Prepare & Review Cause & Effect diagram and Logic diagrams. In depth knowledge of PLC and SCADA
  • Prepares P&IDs instrumentation datasheets, and procurement support documents.
  • Reviews Client's technical documentation and requirements
  • Prepare & Review Hook up diagram for instruments
  • Identify need of instrument revisions on basis of equipment specification revisions

Quantity Surveyor (Estimation)

  • Calculation of construction BOQ  as per drawing
  • Preparation of bar bending schedule
  • Preparation of RFQ for civil works
  • Contractor bill checking
  • Tracking of estimation Vs actual
  • Work progress monitoring and reporting 

Project Control Engineer (Project Engineering)

  1. Well versed with project monitoring tools like MS office / Primavera
  2. Experience in EPC project execution   will be preferred
  3. Expertise in identifying key points for delay and preparation of catch up plan
  4. Shall be interface between site and HO

Autocad executive (Mechanical & RCC )

  • Preparation of equipment layout
  • GA Drawing, Sectional Drawing, BOQ, Piping layout, P & ID.
  • Civil draughtsman shall have experience in preparation of civil & structural drgs 

Proposal / Sr. Proposal Engineer

  • To prepare quotations, trial quotes, tenders, budgetary proposals as per client’s requirement.
  • To prepare technical specifications, trial reports, etc.
  • To track and follow up with all quotations sent to prospective clients and company’s agents.
  • To meet the associate’s requirements by sending them the required marketing materials.
  • To assist management in filling up tenders .
  • To communicate with colleagues, associate’s and management regarding the existing clients, new enquiries and conveying the appropriate feedback to them obtained from the clients.
  • To send introductory and other letters to client’s along with complete company details, product performance parameters and the necessary follow–up.
  • To update the marketing / propaganda materials for example, updating the quotation list, list of company’s installations in various formats – general format, industry wise, pending order-wise, etc.
  • Will be responsible for after sales co-ordination.
  • Attending techno-commercial meetings with Client (Pre-bid, Post bid and Post order).
  • Client relationship development, project identification, client meetings, Detailed Engineering, Project-Coordination, managing schedules and deliverables.
  • Review bids to ensure compliance with PQQ/RFT/ITT deliverables, pricing etc.

Site Engineer (Electrical and Instrumentation)

Resource Planning and execution of project at various sites in India and abroad.
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