Sewage Treatment and Reclamation

Integrated customized and efficient solutions for maximizing wastewater’s true hidden value

Effwa's Sewage Treatment Plants are engineered not only to provide performance excellence for meeting stringent discharge compliance but also to harness the potential of sewage as a valuable resource. We help our clients generate reusable water at the end of the treatment chain along with efficient sludge management and energy production solutions.

Apart from conventional technologies like MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) and ASP (Activated Sludge Process), we offer a wide range of technologies to provide complete wastewater solutions for recycle, reuse & ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge). Depending upon the quantity of sewage & type of sewerage system, we offer a combination of optimal unit operations for treatment of sewage for safe disposal, horticulture or industrial uses. The unit operations may include Coarse Screens, Fine screens, Grit separators, Oil and Grease separators, Pumping Stations, Anaerobic digestors, Aerobic bioreactors, Clarifiers, Disinfection, Polishing Treatment (Tertiary treatment) & Advanced Treatment (Ultrafiltration & Reverse Osmosis).

Overview of Sewage Treatment Plant Overview of Sewage Treatment Plant
Control Panel Control Panel
Aeration basin Aeration basin
Clarifiers Clarifiers
Sewage Treatment Plants Overview of Sewage Treatment Plant
Sewage Pumping Station Sewage Pumping Station
Sludge Thickener Sludge Thickening System

What does that mean for you?

Consistent and high quality output conforming to standards

Consistent and high quality
output conforming to


Recovery and recycling of
treated sewage


Optimized performance of
treatment chemicals and


technologies that stand the
test of time


Aesthetically pleasant and
practical plant layout


Complete and partial
automation alternatives


Minimal waste generation and economic sludge handling


Easy and economical to operate and maintain

Innovative Engineering Solutions

We provide solutions for a host of different
environmental concerns

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