Effwa Infra and Research  
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Vision to Environment

Effwa Infra & Research Pvt. Ltd.

With strength of two decades of successful track record behind dynamic multidisciplinary team of engineers and scientists, Effwa offers high-end engineering solutions to environmental issues that Industries and Municipal  Authority are facing.
  Effluent Treatment and Recycling
  Sewage Treatment and Recycling
  Water Treatment & Recycling
  Bioremediation and Restoration of Water Bodies
  Solid Waste Management
  Rehabilitation and Upgradation
Industries including Textile, Tanneries, food processing, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Mining, Power, Oil & Gas, Steel, etc. have been the clients who have tested proven performance of various projects executed by Effwa team related to Effluent Treatment/ Recycling, Sewage Treatment and Recycling, Hazardous waste Incineration and Water Treatment.

Technologies including Moving Bed Bio - Reactor (MBBR) Membrance Bio Reactor (MBR), Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR) have been successfully employed in some of Zero Liquid Discharge systems involving ultrafilteration (UF) and Reverse Osmosis (RO).

Several Incineration Systems for Hazardous Wastes from Chemical, Pharmaceutical and other industries are operational meeting latest flue gas quality standards as per USEPA and CPCB. The systems are PLC controlled with on-line monitoring facility.

Effwa has in-house R&D facility which on continuous basis keeps upgrading “Latest of Todays” technologies to stand to future challenges.