Restoration of Water Bodies

Sustainable solutions for restoring water bodies to their pristine glory.

Many rivers, estuaries, lakes, ponds and other water bodies across the globe are victims of urbanization and are polluted beyond their self-recovery capacity. Uncontrolled dumping of garbage, debris and sewage into water bodies leads to an influx of various pollutants including organic compounds, phosphates  and nitrates, thereby adversely impacting the water quality. These pollutants lead to eutrophication of ponds and lakes by boosting growth of algae and undesirable weeds like water hyacinth. Excessive algal growth, in turn, interferes with penetration of light and also leads to reduced dissolved oxygen levels in water bodies, thereby hampering the growth of other aquatic organisms and disruption of the balance of the aquatic ecosystem. Due to reduced dissolved oxygen, anaerobic degradation of organic matter takes place, which leads to the production of foul-smelling gases like ammonia and hydrogen sulphide, causing odour issues in the vicinity.


Effwa offers its expertise in sustainable restoration of various polluted water bodies like lakes, ponds, estuaries etc. for reversing the adverse impacts of the pollutants by bioremediation technique. Bioremediation is a treatment process in which the affected water body is restored by in-situ application of selective biocultures (yeast, fungi or bacteria) or their consortium to degrade accumulated complex organics and other hazardous substances into less toxic or non-toxic end products. Team Effwa has demonstrated its capability in the field through some of the most challenging projects including the case of restoring over 300 years old mid-water temple and complete beautification of lake and its surroundings.

water hyacinth lake Before: Lake covered by weeds (Water hyacinth)
Clean Lake After : Restored lake
Continuous lake monitoring Floating lake monitoring station with multi-parameter analyser
Mechanical deweeding Mechanical de-weeding to restore balance of the aquatic ecosystem
Manual lake cleaning Manual de-weeding (removal of water hyacinth)
Application of bioproduct Application of bioproduct for restoring the balance of the aquatic ecosystem
Restored clean lake Restored lake with 300 year old temple in Madhya Pradesh

Based on the extent of pollution, source of pollutants and other project-specific considerations, we follow a tailored approach to restore water bodies by a combination of the following processes:

What does that mean for you?

aquatic life

Restoration of balance of fragile aquatic ecosystem

Round the clock monitoring

Continuous monitoring of water quality parameters


Increase in eco-tourism

Lake deepening

Deepening of lakes

Odour free

Elimination of foul odour


Elimination of eutrophication

Lakefront development

Lakefront development and beautification

Lake water sports

Development of water sports and other recreational activities

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