Water Treatment and Distribution

Comprehensive solutions for turning raw water to the elixir of life.

Effwa provides complete water treatment solutions with the latest technologies to produce high quality potable water. The design of the waterworks depends on the type of water source (ground water / surface water) and raw water quality. The properties of the raw water are as diverse as the geological conditions of various regions. Effwa’s Water Treatment Plants and Distribution Systems ensure constant availability of safe drinking water in adequate quantities, regardless of the characteristics of raw water. Our key expertise covers conceptualization to commissioning of new waterworks as well as revamping of existing facilities.

Water Treatment Plant Pump house Intake Pump House of Chalinze Municipal Water Treatment Plant, Tanzania


Effwa’s Clarification systems

Suitable chemicals are dosed for pH correction, coagulation and flocculation in flash mixers and flocculation zones prior to clarification in the water treatment plant. Our highly efficient clarification systems achieve maximum removal of suspended solids and colloidal particles, resulting in considerably reduced turbidity in the supernatant. Our water clarification systems are therefore, approved and appreciated by major engineering consultants and PSUs. Based on the characteristics of raw water and other project-specific requirements, we provide a wide range of clarification systems, including the following:



Effwa’s Media Filtration systems

The supernatant from clarification system is further treated for removal of suspended particles, colour and odour through filtration of particulates across surface and depth of filter media. Our filtration systems are equipped with automatic and controlled backwashing cycles based on a maximum limit for pressure drop across the media. We provide the following high quality filtration solutions:

For industrial water treatment applications, where higher degree of treatment is desired, we offer membrane filtration systems and ion exchange systems.



Effwa’s Membrane filtration systems

The membrane filtration process selectively employs membranes having suitable pore size for physical separation of suspended, colloidal, dissolved and microbial impurities from the water, thereby yielding high quality output. We design the upstream treatment process to ensure protection of the membranes from fouling and damage, thereby maximizing the membrane life. Effwa offers the following membrane-based treatment systems with low footprint, high recovery, and minimum consumption of electricity and chemicals:



Effwa’s Ion- exchange systems for tackling dissolved solids:

In our ion exchange treatment systems, we employ varying combinations of Weak base or Strong base Cationic resins and Weak acid or Strong acid Anionic resins to treat water for removal of total dissolved solids (TDS). Here, the TDS is removed by ion exchange process whereby, ions are selectively exchanged across the resins. On exhaustion of the resin beds, they are regenerated either in co-flow mode or counter-current mode such that maximum regeneration efficiency is achieved and chemical waste production is reduced.

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Consistent and high quality
output conforming to

Uninterrupted supply

Uninterrupted supply of
safe drinking water


Optimised performance of
treatment chemicals and

test of time

technologies that stand the
test of time


Aesthetically pleasant and
practical plant layout


Complete and partial
automation alternatives


Minimal waste generation and
economic sludge handling


Easy and economical to operate
and maintain

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