Building lasting relationships

We value those who are instrumental in our growth.

Our long-term relationships with our vendors are nurtured by mutually beneficial equations and strengthened by trust. We regard our vendors as active partners in our pursuit of engineering brilliance. Our vendors are therefore integral team members in our project implementation and growth plans, and accorded respect and cooperation in harmony with the highest traditions of professional business ethics. This commitment is embodied in our procurement policies, principles and practices.


Get associated with us to grow together and also earn the satisfaction of saving the planet each day.

Since we execute turnkey projects for water treatment, wastewater treatment, hazardous waste incineration etc., our procurement requirements span across various categories broadly classified hereunder. If you have an innovative product that could be of value to our projects, you may apply for vendor registration under the "Innovative Product Category".

Engineering Fabrication

  • At shop fabrication

  • On site fabrication

Process and Mechanical

  • Agitators and Mixers

  • Air diffuser

  • Burners

  • Chlorinator

  • Compressors

  • Dewatering equipment

  • Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) system

  • Fans

  • Gearbox

  • Gratings

  • Hoist / Crane

  • Material handling systems (conveyors)

  • Membranes (RO/ MF/ UF) / housing for membranes

  • Micro filters and strainers

  • Oil skimmers

  • Pipes (metallic)

  • Pipes (non-metallic)

  • Pumps

  • Shredders

  • Structural materials

  • Tanks (Non-metallic)

  • Thermal evaporators

  • Valves and gates

  • Mechanical screen


  • Cable (Power and control cable)

  • Cable Trays

  • DG set

  • Earthing and lightning arrestors

  • High mast/ Electric poles

  • HT conductors

  • Industrial illumination systems

  • Local Push Button Stations (LPBS)

  • MCC/ Control Panel

  • Motors

  • Transformer

  • UPS

Instrumentation and Control

  • Instrument cables

  • Instrument for flow measurement

  • Instrument for level/ depth measurement

  • Instrument for multi-parameter water and wastewater analysis

  • Instrument for pH measurement

  • Instrument for pressure measurement

  • Instrument for turbidity measurement

  • Load cell

  • Thermal sensors/ Temperature controllers

  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

Media and Chemicals

  • Activated carbon

  • Anthracite

  • Bio-cultures/ Enzymes

  • Diatomaceous Earth

  • Filtration media (Sand, gravel, etc.)

  • Ion exchange resin/ Special application resin

  • Laboratory grade reagents

  • Membrane cleaning chemicals

  • Sludge dewatering chemicals

  • Thermal refractories/ Insulation materials

  • Water and wastewater treatment chemicals


  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning)

  • Laboratory glassware and equipment

  • Fire safety system

Innovative Product Category

  • Innovative product to enhance Effwa's projects

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