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Sewage Treatment and Recycling:

Depending upon the quantity of sewage & type of sewerage system Effwa offers combination of optimal unit operations for treatment of sewage for safe disposal, horticulture or industrial uses.
The unit operations may include; Coarse Screens, Oil and Grease separators, Pumping Stations, Fine screens, Grit separators, Anaerobic digestors, Aerobic bioreactors, Clarifiers, Disinfection, Polishing Treatment (Tertiary treatment) & Advanced Treatment (Ultrafilteration & Reverse Osmosis) Sewage Treatment Plant
Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers Sewage Treatment Plant Suppliers In India
  • Coarse Screening
  • Oil & Grease Trap
  • Pumping Station
  • Fine Screening
  • Grit Separation
  • Anaerobic Reactor
  • Aerobic Reactor
  • Clarifiers
  • Disinfection
Safe Disposal
  • Tertiary Treatment(psf/acf)
Safe Disposal or Horticulture
  • Ultra Filteration
Selective Domestic or
Industrial Uses
  • Reverse Osmosis
Domestic / Industrial Uses
Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturers in India Sewage Treatment Plant Suppliers
Sewage Treatment Plant in India