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Vision to Environment
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Bioremediation and Restoration of Water Bodies:

Bioremediation Water Softening Plant India
The process by which accumulated complex organics as pollutants in water bodies or soil are turned into safe end products and its ecosystem is restored by in-situ application of selective or consortium of biocultures and continued monitoring of ecoparameters.

Why Bioremediation : Most of water bodies in towns have vanished due to uncontrolled dumping of garbage, debris and sewage, and remaining are on verge of disappearance. Ecologically, these water bodies (lakes, ponds, estuaries, etc.) serve as lungs to the local environment and need to be restored
at all cost. Wastewater Treatment Plant Manufacturers with strong team of experienced scientists and technicians with proven track record offers services to restore water bodies.
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Lake Monitoring Station     Bioremediation of Lakes