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Rehabilitation and Upgradation:

specializes in comprehensive audit of existing water and waste water treatment facilites to assist owners to reduce energy consumption  while increase the capacity output without major construction cost and in long term reduce the operating cost.  This may be achieved by synchronized induction of new unit operations replacing several old unit processes.

Water Treatment Plants

Water Treatment Plant   Though Government has prioritized safe drinking water for every citizen, many a times the existing treatment facilities are found inadequate in terms of capacity and performance due to old technology. The rapid growth of population coupled with scarcity of free land and huge capital involved in creating new facilities poses challenges to Municipal authorities.
  • Year of construction
  • Location
  • Designed capacity (MLD)
  • Hydraulic Flow Diagram
  • Specifications of Electro-Mechanical Components with Electrical Load
  • Desired capacity on enhancement
  • Details of surrounding establishments (Industrial, commercial, residential or others)
  • *Purpose of Treatment / Recycle / Safe Disposal
  • *Existing Disposal Point ( Sewerage system/ Land/ Water body/ Others)
(* for waste water)
Waste Water Treatment Plant Manufacturers in India offers unique solution whereby without additional foot print the capacity of plant could be increased by 60 to 100% within few months and without prolonged shut down.
Conventional Water
Treatment Plant
Aeration Fountain
Flash Mixing
Rapid Gravity Sand Filters
Hybrid Tube Clarifloculator [HTCLF]
Membrane filration
  • In built recovery of wash water
  • Capacity increase 60 - 100 %
  • Consistent output quality
  • Reduced consumption of Flocculants
  • Reduced consumption of Chlorine
Effluent Treatment Plant   Tube Settler