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Vision to Environment

Effluent Wastewater Treatment and Recycling:


The strength of is multidisciplinary team which has successfully delivered over 2000 projects to industries in India and overseas with simple to complex wastes.

The success is attributed to understanding of chemistry of wastes and in-house capability to conduct study and select the best combination of various unit operations such as flocculation, electro coagulation, floatation, biodegradation, adsorption, macro-micro-ultra or nano filtration and reverse osmosis.

Some of the industries who know us for performance include; Textile, Leather, Paper, Food processing, Dairy, Chemicals, Dyes and Intermediates, Steel, Mining, Power, Pharmaceutical and Bulk drugs, Sugar, Distilleries, Fertilizers, Pesticides, Ceramics, Petrochemical and many others.

has unique technological solutions for many industries who can achieve even Zero Discharge milestone by recovery and recycling of water from the effluent.

Multiple Effect Evaporation System

Multiple Effect Evaporation System
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