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Effwa Infra & Research Pvt. Ltd. is the best Wastewater Solutions provider in India

Due to rapid industrialization and urbanization huge amount of waste becomes accumulated to our society. These wastes are either dumped into landfills over which mankind survive or discharge into water bodies that contaminate water which is drunk by various birds, animals or even human beings. These increases of environmental pollution...read more

Now overcome your indutrial wastewater problems with Effwa

The industrial wastewater problems arise in many countries, it lead to an environmental problem since industrial waste pollutes irrationally the ecosystems. Through such waste several natural water resources like lakes, ponds, rivers, swamps, coasts become contaminated. The main victims of this pollution are...read more

Get Wastewater Solutions from Effwa Infra & Research Pvt. Ltd

The problem of waste water is one of the biggest issues to deal as it has been long impact on our lives and environment. This waste water contains 90% of liquid contaminated with organic and inorganic chemicals both in suspension and dissolved form. In order to purify such water high-quality wastewater solutions are needed. With the presence of a company like Effwa Infra & Research Pvt. Ltd. offer variety of equipments and...read more

One stop solution for Industrial environmental Issues - Effwa

Waste clearance is important in any area including residences and industries. Industrial waste disposal is rather more crucial than those employed in residences. It is important for a company to dispose of waste properly to make sure that the trash does not harm other people. This is the reason...read more

EFFWA - One stop solution for Effluent Treatment

Effluent is the wastewater, treated or untreated, that flows out of a treatment plant, industrial discharge, or sewer. Basically wastes that are discharged into surface waters. Over the years, the wastewater treatment management practices have evolved into a technology based on past practices...read more

Effwa's 4 way mission on industrial environmental issues

One of the major challenges for every industry is to aim high environmental and working environment standards while striving to achieve profitability and effectiveness. EFFWA Infra & Research helps companies to think in overall solutions, which means, among other things...read more

Complex Chromite Effluent Treatment Plant for Tata Steel Ltd

We received order from Tata Steel Ltd., Sukinda, Orissa, for 5400 m3/hr effluent treatment plant to treat complex Chromite Mining Effluent generated during Mining and surface runoff...read more

Recycling made easy with Effwa's waste-water treatment plant

Recycling of waste water is of utmost importance to conserve vital raw materials and save the natural habitat for the future. When recycled materials are used in the manufacturing process, they use significantly less energy than that are essential for producing new products...read more

Fulfilling the waste-water recycling needs with Effwa

Effwa, one of the recognized water treatment companies in India has revolutionized the wastewater treatment industry by supplying safe, resourceful, and cost-effective practicalsolutions for the treatment of wastewater...read more

Biomedical Waste Management services provider In India - Effwa

Effwa is one of the leading service providers of biomedical waste management in India. Bio-Medical Waste means any waste, generated during the diagnosis, treatment or immunization of human beings or animals or in research activities pertaining thereto or in the production or testing of the biological matter....read more

Water Treatment Companies In India - Effwa

Effwa's vision encompasses addressing the entire water related problems of the industry from intake to effluent. The chief objective of the organization is to provide customized solutions to your water treatment requirements with entire technical and commercial honesty and transparency...read more

Now improve sustainability with Effwas waste management systems

Waste management systems decrease the amount of consumed natural resources, while ensuring that any resources already taken from nature are reused several times. Waste management engages monitoring, collection, processing and disposal of waste materials. The prime objective of effective waste management is prevention, followed by recycling, reuse and appropriate clearance...read more

Food processing waste water treatment

The Indian food processing industry is one of the largest in the world in terms of production, consumption, export and growth prospects. Wastewater generated from this industry depicts wide variation in strength and characteristics due to variation in the type of products manufactured and also different fruits, vegetables and various raw materials that are used. The pollution load in food processing wastewater or effluent is due to the use of many preservatives, salts, color, fragrances, oil, sugar, gelatin etc...read more

India's one of the leading industrial engineering solution provider for environmental Issues - Effwa.co.in

Effwa presents high-end engineering solutions to the environmental issues faced by Industries and Municipal Authorities. Over the years, the company has evolved to transform as a reliable partner for complex environmental engineering applications. Incessant commitment along with years of experience and technical know-how has enabled Effwa to leverage high levels of efficiency...read more

Effluent Treatment Plant for Textile Industry

Is it important to have an effective effluent treatment plant for the textile industry? Anyone who operates in that industry will tell you that having such a plant is of crucial importance. The textile industry doesnt use only one process for manufacturing products; it usually tends to use various processes, including bleaching, kiering and scouring. However, the best way of improving those processes is by installing effluent treatment plants. A great company that has done this more than a thousand times is EFFWA. We have done this for textile companies all around the world including those that have a Zero Discharge...read more

Bioremediation of lakes in india

When toxic pollutants in the water or soil are converted to products that are safe for the environment, that is called bioremediation. Unfortunately, people have not been taking care of the environment very well and that has caused us to suffer from some really negative consequences. The vast majority of water bodies in cities have turned into garbage and sewer dumps. For example, there are only a few remaining water bodies that haven’t been contaminated in India. People forget that these water bodies must be in accordance with nature, which essentially means that they must be perfectly clean. Man and nature cannot live in harmony while lakes, ponds and rivers are polluted...read more

Wastewater Treatment Plant Process

Wastewater Treatment Plant Process is a process in which toxic substances in the water are transformed into harmless materials that can then be easily removed from the water flow. Recycling water has proven to be an efficient and successful way in creating new and reliable supply. It is the best way to handle our vital resources...read more

Membrane Bioreactor for Wastewater Treatment

Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) systems provides numerous economic and operational advantages in contrast to conservative wastewater treatment plants. MBR systems eliminate the need for secondary clarifiers and tertiary treatment....read more